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El Nino in the news – let’s talk about grey water

Grey water is the wastewater from your household, laundry and bathroom, but not the toilet, kitchen sink or dishwasher which potentially contain nasty chemicals, solids and fats. 

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Trees and your lawn - can they coexist?

Trees can look great in a lawn but there are a few things to consider for a successful relationship between your lawn and the trees in your garden.

We see large trees growing in parks, commercial spaces and botanical gardens. They provide beauty and much-needed shade and shelter for birds and other visitors to your garden. 

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Four-legged lawn lovers

Chuck a ball or lob a stick and they're happy!

Most dogs love getting some exercise in the garden or bonding with the two-legged members of the household.

If they're getting too hot, put the hose on them and then stand well clear before the rain dance begins.

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Spring weed control

It is always easier to control weeds from the outset than to try and remove them once they get out of hand.

By growing a suitable lawn species for your area, keeping it healthy, well-maintained and mown at the right height for your chosen variety, you'll have the most stunning lawn in the neighbourhood in no time.

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Know your fertilisers

Like all plants, lawns need nutrients to stay healthy and look good. Fertilising is the best way to supply the necessary nutrients, but there are several types and ways to approach it.

Weeds and weeding - how the right lawn will make things so much easier

Grass and weeds, the perfect partnership, for them that is!

But for us, seeing those little unwanted invaders starting to infiltrate our much loved and manicured lawn can be both frustrating and time consuming.

Never fear there are a few things you can do to help rid your lawn of these pesky plants.

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The grass is always greener?

How a great lawn enhances curb appeal and adds value to your property

What is curb appeal and why does it matter?

It turns out that we take around three seconds or less to form our first impressions of people, and it seems the same might be true of houses.

We don’t need to go inside or study the finer details – just that first glance and we’ve already made up our mind.

When people buy a house some people decide within 20 seconds if this is going to be the one. The biggest purchase of our life decided in less time than it probably took for you to decide to read this article.

But why are first impressions actually important?

Taking care of your lawn through autumn and into winter

Grass lulls us into a false sense of security. The lush green carpet spread across our yard, an ordered spread of beauty.

But each of those blades is a little plant that needs care just like any other and, whilst our wonderful Queensland weather is great for days at the beach or enjoying the great outdoors, our plants and, yes, our lawns may not agree.

So what can you do to keep your lawn looking its best through the cooler seasons?

How having healthy lawn helps combat the ‘urban heat island’

We’re not going to get into the debate about how and why the world is getting warmer, it just is.

While this trend isn’t something the gardeners of the world can reverse at a global level, our suburban lawns can mitigate a phenomenon known as urban heat island.

Urban heat island is the reason built-up, higher-populated areas are warmer than more rural, less inhabited ones.

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Autumn lawn mowing tips

After another hot summer, we welcome the relief of the cooler nights. 

Your lawn will be breathing a sigh of relief too, as summer can be long and stressful, particularly with the extreme weather conditions experienced in parts of Queensland in the past few months.

After laying your new Oasis Lawn, your first mow is a special moment and should take place as soon as your new lawn needs it, generally 1-3 weeks after installation.

All you need to do is just take the tips off and, remember whenever you’re mowing, never take off more than a third of the leaf blade. 

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Autumn care tips for Sir Walter

Although the days are shortening, there’s a lot of residual heat in the deep layers of the soil that will encourage root growth.

This means it’s an ideal time to apply a fertiliser, preferably a slow-release NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) variety. If your grass is still reeling from the intense summer, be generous.

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Summer lawn care

Keeping your Lawn in Great Condition Over Summer

Summer! Sun, Outdoors, BBQ and LAWN! It's the time of year to gather in the backyard with family and friends, enjoying a game of cricket and a few beers. So you'll need to keep your 'pitch' in tip top shape. Here's some handy tips to keep your lawn looking its best. 

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Reducing erosion with lawn grass

23 Dec is last orders to get grass at your place in 2014!

Grass reduces soil erosion caused by water and wind.

Grass develops a thick root and shoot system forming a wall that prevents soil erosion. For example with new home construction, sod is laid next to the curb to prevent soil erosion and act as a buffer strip. The strip filters runoff water before it enters the street and storm water drains, which lead to nearby streams and surface waters.

Regular mowing increases shoot density and root mass, improves soil stability, and prevents
water and wind erosion by holding water in place and slowing down the flow. Research
shows that sediment loss from grass is negligible under normal rainfall conditions.

Click here to read more tips - everything from maintenance to mowing - on the Lawn Care section of our website.

Knowing that established lawns can increase a home’s value by as much as 15 per cent, do you need to get good grass into your garden before the year is out?

Call us today on 1800 061 023 for free lawn care advice or a measure and quote.

Source Healthy Lawn Healthy Environment


Make the most of Spring to establish your new lawn

Did you know that an average-sized block with town water can still install turf lawn when the weather is dry?

How so?

They key is to staging your new lawn’s installation, one area or segment at a time, to give it the best chance of flourishing.

Once a new lawn has been laid, it typically takes a month of watering morning and afternoon to establish properly.

Spring is the perfect time of year to do that before our gardens are subjected to the full summer weather of January and December.

And, if you lay your lawn now, you still have a month to get it established before the Christmas school holidays.

Gardening and lawn care tips from the pros

The Abbotsford Convent is just four kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, and is made up of historic buildings and gardens.

It is adjacent to the Yarra River and Yarra Bend Park.

Aside from the stunning and peaceful gardens, the convent is home to studios and offices for small businesses, a radio station, four eateries, an open air cinema, food and craft markets, two galleries, an extensive program of events and venues for rehearsals, performances, classes, workshops and conferences. 

Marg Allen and Joanne (Jo) Beescher are two part time gardeners who oversee all the maintenance of the grounds at the convent. 


They also have eight regular volunteers that come in every week or month to help out, in addition to groups of corporate volunteers. 

Marg says a lot of the big companies like Deloitte and PwC give their staff a day or two a year to do volunteer work somewhere and a lot of the staff choose to go to the convent, which is a huge help. 

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