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Summer lawn care

Summer is the height of the growing season for warm season grasses.

With the right lawn care practices your lawn should be looking sensational.


Less frequent, deeper soakings will train the root system to become more self-sufficient and robust, particularly with drought tolerant varieties. In many parts of Queensland that receive regular rainfall, such as the Eastern seaboard, you may not need to water much at all. 

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Living with your lawn

Healthy benefits

As well as an excellent area for exercise, the right lawn variety can provide health benefits such as filtering out airborne pollutants and providing clean, oxygen-rich air.

Choosing a non-allergenic lawn variety such as Sir Walter is vital. Some people are allergic to certain lawn types; grass allergies can trigger itchiness, hay fever and asthma. Bear in mind, too, that you may need to look after visitors to your home as well as any potential buyers. 

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Know your fertilisers

Like all plants, lawns need nutrients to stay healthy and look good. Fertilising is the best way to supply the necessary nutrients, but there are several types and ways to approach it.

Weeds and weeding - how the right lawn will make things so much easier

Grass and weeds, the perfect partnership, for them that is!

But for us, seeing those little unwanted invaders starting to infiltrate our much loved and manicured lawn can be both frustrating and time consuming.

Never fear there are a few things you can do to help rid your lawn of these pesky plants.

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Free weed control factsheet

It is always easier to control weeds from the outset than to try to remove them once they get out of hand.

By growing a suitable lawn species for your area, keeping it healthy, well maintained and at the right mowing height for your chosen variety, you’ll have a head start on the neighbours.

To read or download a free copy of our Weed Control factsheet and get your lawn in top condition this spring simply click on this link: OasisLawns_Weed-Control-Fact-Sheet.pdf.

Happy gardening!

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Taking care of your lawn through autumn and into winter

Grass lulls us into a false sense of security. The lush green carpet spread across our yard, an ordered spread of beauty.

But each of those blades is a little plant that needs care just like any other and, whilst our wonderful Queensland weather is great for days at the beach or enjoying the great outdoors, our plants and, yes, our lawns may not agree.

So what can you do to keep your lawn looking its best through the cooler seasons?

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Autumn care tips for Sir Walter

Although the days are shortening, there’s a lot of residual heat in the deep layers of the soil that will encourage root growth.

This means it’s an ideal time to apply a fertiliser, preferably a slow-release NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) variety. If your grass is still reeling from the intense summer, be generous.

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Preparing for your new Oasis Lawn

The preparation of your new lawn is just as important as the installation, and crucial to its success.

Always spray the area with a weed killer to remove any weeds, vegetation or an existing lawn. And remember to always follow the instructions. 

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Summer lawn care

Keeping your Lawn in Great Condition Over Summer

Summer! Sun, Outdoors, BBQ and LAWN! It's the time of year to gather in the backyard with family and friends, enjoying a game of cricket and a few beers. So you'll need to keep your 'pitch' in tip top shape. Here's some handy tips to keep your lawn looking its best. 

Making it easy to get grass laid this November

Oasis Lawns' free fertiliser offer!

When you order minimum 50 square metres of any of our three lawn varieties from Oasis Lawns during November, we'll throw in a 2.5kg bag of specialist lawn fertiliser for free.

Oasis Lawns supply superior quality turf including Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn, Nullarbor Couch OZ TUFF and Nullarbor Couch.

With enough free fertiliser to keep 60-100 square metres of lawn looking lush and green in time for Christmas, call us today on 1800 061 023 for a free measure and quote.

But you have to order by 30 November 2014. 

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