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El Nino in the news – let’s talk about grey water

Grey water is the wastewater from your household, laundry and bathroom, but not the toilet, kitchen sink or dishwasher which potentially contain nasty chemicals, solids and fats. 

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Let's hear it for the humble lawn!

If ever there was a place made for kids, it's the Aussie backyard!

An oasis safe from busy streets and the chaos of everyday life, the lawn offers the perfect environment for our kids to exercise their bodies and their imaginations.

What better location to build a cubby? Instead of sitting inside playing video games or watching the idiot box, kids can create their own fantasy worlds and enjoy the freedom that play brings with neighbours and mates.

New study confirms greening health benefits

A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and published in the American Journal of Public Health found that people in two Philadelphia neighbourhoods who wore heart rate monitors when they went for walks saw a reduction in heart rate when they walked by a lot that underwent “greening” – cleaning, debris removal and planting grass and trees.

“The reduction we found suggests a biological link between urban blight reduction strategies like vacant lot greening and reductions in stress,” said Dr. Eugenia South, the lead author of the study.

This isn’t the first time Dr. South and the university has conducted research on the positive effects of green spaces. An earlier study found that people living near vacant land that had been “greened” felt safer than those who lived near non-greened sites.

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For more information on the study visit the Project Evergreen site

Source Turf Australia

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How having healthy lawn helps combat the ‘urban heat island’

We’re not going to get into the debate about how and why the world is getting warmer, it just is.

While this trend isn’t something the gardeners of the world can reverse at a global level, our suburban lawns can mitigate a phenomenon known as urban heat island.

Urban heat island is the reason built-up, higher-populated areas are warmer than more rural, less inhabited ones.

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Reducing erosion with lawn grass

23 Dec is last orders to get grass at your place in 2014!

Grass reduces soil erosion caused by water and wind.

Grass develops a thick root and shoot system forming a wall that prevents soil erosion. For example with new home construction, sod is laid next to the curb to prevent soil erosion and act as a buffer strip. The strip filters runoff water before it enters the street and storm water drains, which lead to nearby streams and surface waters.

Regular mowing increases shoot density and root mass, improves soil stability, and prevents
water and wind erosion by holding water in place and slowing down the flow. Research
shows that sediment loss from grass is negligible under normal rainfall conditions.

Click here to read more tips - everything from maintenance to mowing - on the Lawn Care section of our website.

Knowing that established lawns can increase a home’s value by as much as 15 per cent, do you need to get good grass into your garden before the year is out?

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Garden lawn experts agree beautiful lawns add value

Aussie lawns aren’t just a pretty face, according to a poll by garden and lawn experts, Victa.

Indeed, most Australians believe that a blanket of green adds value to their home. Not only that, but many of us understand that lawns have major environmental benefits.

The Victa Lawn Care Survey asked Aussies all about their lawns – what they use their lawns for, what the best thing is about their lawn, what they know about lawns, and how they maintain them. And the survey provided some interesting insights. 

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