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We like this one article only because we're suckers for a good grass story plus Marg resonates with not only us at Oasis Lawns but probably plenty of frustrated gardeners with her advice i.e. just get out there and weed. Story of our lives most weekends.

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Oasis Lawns

Oasis Lawns is an instant lawn turf farm providing lawn and turf supplies for all of the Wide Bay Burnett and Southern Fitzroy region's grass needs, owned and operated by the Turner Brothers.

Cut fresh from our farm to your yard, no quantity or distance is too large or small!

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Summer lawn care

Summer is the height of the growing season for warm season grasses.

With the right lawn care practices your lawn should be looking sensational.


Less frequent, deeper soakings will train the root system to become more self-sufficient and robust, particularly with drought tolerant varieties. In many parts of Queensland that receive regular rainfall, such as the Eastern seaboard, you may not need to water much at all. 

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Our climate and your lawn

There’s good and bad news when it comes to lawn types.

The good news is that the majority of Australians live in climates where all the better types of lawns grow. The bad news is there are a few varieties that will only grow well in specific climates. 

El Nino in the news – let’s talk about grey water

Grey water is the wastewater from your household, laundry and bathroom, but not the toilet, kitchen sink or dishwasher which potentially contain nasty chemicals, solids and fats. 

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Trees and your lawn - can they coexist?

Trees can look great in a lawn but there are a few things to consider for a successful relationship between your lawn and the trees in your garden.

We see large trees growing in parks, commercial spaces and botanical gardens. They provide beauty and much-needed shade and shelter for birds and other visitors to your garden. 

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Four-legged lawn lovers

Chuck a ball or lob a stick and they're happy!

Most dogs love getting some exercise in the garden or bonding with the two-legged members of the household.

If they're getting too hot, put the hose on them and then stand well clear before the rain dance begins.

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Living with your lawn

Healthy benefits

As well as an excellent area for exercise, the right lawn variety can provide health benefits such as filtering out airborne pollutants and providing clean, oxygen-rich air.

Choosing a non-allergenic lawn variety such as Sir Walter is vital. Some people are allergic to certain lawn types; grass allergies can trigger itchiness, hay fever and asthma. Bear in mind, too, that you may need to look after visitors to your home as well as any potential buyers. 

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Let's hear it for the humble lawn!

If ever there was a place made for kids, it's the Aussie backyard!

An oasis safe from busy streets and the chaos of everyday life, the lawn offers the perfect environment for our kids to exercise their bodies and their imaginations.

What better location to build a cubby? Instead of sitting inside playing video games or watching the idiot box, kids can create their own fantasy worlds and enjoy the freedom that play brings with neighbours and mates.

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Spring weed control

It is always easier to control weeds from the outset than to try and remove them once they get out of hand.

By growing a suitable lawn species for your area, keeping it healthy, well-maintained and mown at the right height for your chosen variety, you'll have the most stunning lawn in the neighbourhood in no time.

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Know your fertilisers

Like all plants, lawns need nutrients to stay healthy and look good. Fertilising is the best way to supply the necessary nutrients, but there are several types and ways to approach it.

Weeds and weeding - how the right lawn will make things so much easier

Grass and weeds, the perfect partnership, for them that is!

But for us, seeing those little unwanted invaders starting to infiltrate our much loved and manicured lawn can be both frustrating and time consuming.

Never fear there are a few things you can do to help rid your lawn of these pesky plants.

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Kids back at school? Time to start laying

The kids are finally back at school after the spring holidays and you’re heaving a sigh of relief – until you look at your lawn, that is.

Your poor lawn has been used and abused and is now well and truly trashed, with bare patches, scuds cut out, toys all over it… you know the story. 

Oasis Lawns top watering tips for new Queensland lawns

Thinking about laying new lawn this Spring? We can’t emphasise how important it is to water your lawn straight away as soon as you’ve got it down.

If you don’t water it, it will dry out and start turning brown and looking very nasty.        

If you’re laying a large area of lawn, don’t wait till it’s all finished. Start watering once you’ve got a few square metres down because that first hour in the sun is critical.

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Free weed control factsheet

It is always easier to control weeds from the outset than to try to remove them once they get out of hand.

By growing a suitable lawn species for your area, keeping it healthy, well maintained and at the right mowing height for your chosen variety, you’ll have a head start on the neighbours.

To read or download a free copy of our Weed Control factsheet and get your lawn in top condition this spring simply click on this link: OasisLawns_Weed-Control-Fact-Sheet.pdf.

Happy gardening!

Oasis Lawns Childers QLD Phone 1800 061 023

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Queensland - how and when to fertilise

Like all plants, lawns need nutrients to stay healthy and looks good.

Fertilising is the best way to supply the necessary nutrients.

A regular fertilising schedule will help keep your lawn in peak condition; better equipped to deal with stress and diseases, to fight off weeds and be the envy of all your neighbours. Unless of course they are all doing the same, in which case you'll all be patting one another on the back.

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The benefits of lawn

In our opinion, you'd be hard pushed to beat the sight of a well-maintained, healthy lawn.

It really is the perfect compliment to any home, plus there are many other benefits that make having lawn such a great choice.

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Free Spring lawn care factsheet

Spring is the ideal time to get your winter lawn ready for the warm seasons ahead and usually involves the following three steps:

1. Spring clean your lawn
2. Time to dethatch
3. Give your lawn a feed

To download our free factsheet outlining the best way to get your lawn Spring ready please click here: OasisLawns_Spring-Lawn-Care-Fact-Sheet.pdf or call Oasis Lawns on 1800 061 023.

Scarifying scaring the living daylights out of your gardening?

Scarifying scaring the living daylights out of your gardening?

Recently we covered the benefits of dethatching your sleepy winter lawn to envigorate growth in anticipation of Spring.

Scarifying - the process of cutting and removing debris from your lawn - using a specialised machine or vertimower will remove not just the thatch, but also most of your lawn, leaving just the roots and stolons. Best left to serious groundsfolk.

Spring into action by dethatching your lawn

A build-up of thatch over time can make your lawn thick and spongy.

Mowing on a mulching mower setting without a catcher can leave behind heaps of lawn clippings adding to the thatch layer.

A cyclinder mower tends to ride over buffalo grass varieties allowing for build-up of thatch. Dead runners or 'stolons' in buffalo grass varieties can also create thatch.

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Spring lawn care in the Sunshine State

Spring is a very important time of year for lawn lovers everywhere!

By the end of August (depending on where you live) the days will be getting longer and the grass should be doing the same. At Oasis Lawns, we're already back to mowing twice weekly.

A simple rule of thumb is when the nights get warmer and you no longer need to light the fire or turn on your heater, it's Spring time for the lawn and for your garden.

Once overnight temperatures warm up, soil temperatures increase and your lawn starts to grow. In cooler regions of the state your lawn will come out of its dormancy; in warmer climates your lawn will grow faster. In both cases, mowing frequencies should be closer.

Mowing for success; keep your lawn looking its best

Mowing is an art form.

If you don’t believe us take a look at any football match showing the grounds of one of the big clubs. Notice those lovingly laid stripes at the start of the match. That takes practise.

As well as being an art form mowing is also a bit of a science. No don’t worry, we’re not talking about complex equations and testing. But you do need to think about how you go about it and adjusting for each different season.

Before we look at the ins and outs of mowing your lawn, let’s imagine getting down on our hands and knees and having a closer look to see what keeps it going.

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