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• Infrequent, deep watering is always recommended on all grasses to help promote a deep root system. This may be once or twice per week.

• Watering early in the morning is best.


• Before laying a new lawn a starter fertiliser is recommended.

• Once turf is established, you can fertilise either once per year for a low maintenance lawn or for an absolute pristine lawn you can fertilise 2-3 times per year preferably in early spring, early summer and early autumn to promote growth. Avoid over fertilising during the summer months.

• Sandy soils will require more frequent fertilising.

• Use a good quality slow release fertiliser.


• To keep your lawn lush and thick avoid long periods between mowing.

• Regular mowing with sharp blades is recommended for all lawns.

• Never mow off more than 1/3 of the leaf at any one time. If your lawn is overgrown gradually reduce it to the correct height over several mows.

• Don’t mow your lawn too short; this puts stress on your lawn and is an open invitation for weeds. Longer lawns are better equipped to shade out weeds and handle drought conditions better.

• Don’t be fooled by thinking that by mowing your lawn really low you won’t have to mow as often. In most cases you will damage the lawn through scalping which puts stress on your lawn inviting weeds which actually creates more work not less.

• Mowing height for Buffalo Grass is 30-50mm and for Green Couch is 15-30mm.


• The key is to keep your lawn healthy, well maintained and correct mowing height. If you see any weeds appear get onto them early!

• Dig out weeds by hand when they are young and small and easy to remove. The last thing you want is for your weeds to set seeds and spread all over your lawn.

• If your weeds have gotten out of control a weed spray may be necessary. Seeking professional advice on weed type and correct herbicide to use is strongly recommended. Always read the label and safety directions before applying any herbicides.

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